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I'm just one person How can I change the world? How can one person save the life of a child with no access to medicine? How can one person make sure a family has clean water to drink? How can one person help a homeless child find safe housing? person and medicine We'll tell you We'll tell you people and water people and beds We'll tell you

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How it works

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1 How does UNITAID work? It starts with a small fee on domestic & international flights


2 This fee ($1 for economy to $40 for first class) is taken from your ticket purchase

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3 UNITAID uses this fee to purchase life-saving drugs and diagnostics in poor countries – and lower prices for all


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UNITAID infographic

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How we're helping

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Cambodian sisters, Srey Nga & Soy, stay strong in the face of HIV thanks to access to treatment

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Philippe Douste-Blazy

Dr. Philippe Douste-Blazy, Chairman of UNITAID

A pioneer in the innovative financing movement, Dr. Philippe Douste-Blazy is the Chairman of UNITAID Executive Board and also Special Advisor to the United Nations Secretary-General on Innovative Financing for Development, with the rank of Under-Secretary-General.

Dr. Douste-Blazy has held several ministerial positions in his native France, including Minister of Health (1993-1995), Minister of Culture and Communication (1995-1997), Minister for Solidarity, Health and Family (2004-2005) and Minister of Foreign Affairs (2005-2007). Prior to embracing policy initiatives, Dr. Douste-Blazy was a practising cardiologist and Professor of Public Health at Toulouse University in France. His publications include Power in Numbers and The Virtuous Circle: Solidarity Will Save Globalization.


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What UNITAID does

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UNITAID uses innovative financing and long-term government support to fund treatment and diagnosis of HIV/AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis in low-income countries. Founded in 2006, UNITAID is the first global health initiative to use very small contributions by many for long-term global health benefits.

About half of UNITAID's resources come from a painless fee on airline tickets in nine countries around the world. The air ticket levy is one of the most successful innovative financing initiatives for global poverty eradication.

This reliable source of income allows UNITAID to work with drug manufacturers to supply quality medicines and diagnostics at reduced prices for those in need, especially children, including child-friendly HIV and TB medicines, HIV medicines that don't need to be refrigerated, and new diagnostic equipment that can be used in the most remote areas of the world.

This approach saves lives. UNITAID projects are responsible for 400,000 children who receive HIV medicines, which translates into 80% of children who are taking ARVs thanks to UNITAID. And thanks to each and every person who, one at a time, has contributed with the airline fee.

And just think: UNITAID estimates that adopting the Financial Transaction Tax, a small .0001% fee on financial transactions such as stock trades, will raise $120 billion yearly, which can be used to combat and solve some of the most urgent needs of our global citizens, including providing clean water, shelter, and life-saving medical treatments and medicines. Innovative finance is not traditional charity, it is a revolutionary way of using the readily available resources of the global community to help the global community.

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The Power in Numbers

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France's Gift to the World - President Bill Clinton on UNITAID

May 2013 - Paris. President Bill Clinton explains how UNITAID has used a tiny tax on airline tickets in France to save millions of lives from HIV/AIDS, malaria and TB. According to President Clinton, UNITAID is and one of the "precursors of crowdfunding".

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While there is no way around child labor in New Delhi, India, the children themselves have figured out a way around the theft of their money in the hands of traditional banks and the adults who run them. More than 1,000 children have self-organized child run "banks" to protect their money. Launched in 2001 in concert with a volunteer aid group called Butterflies, the Children's Development Bank protects their money by paying interest on it, provides a safe place to save money, and gives them better control over their lives and income. The money for the interest comes from microloans by children 15 years and older, and the CDB it is entirely self-supported and sustained.


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